David Laird Dungan

Published Works

 [Revised, March 2000]


A History of the Synoptic Problem. The Canon, the Text, the Composition, and the Interpretation of the Gospels. Anchor Bible Reference Library (Doubleday ). May 1999.

International Bible Commentary. Edited by William R. Farmer with Dominique Barrios-Delgado, Armando Levoratti, and Sean McEvenue. Published in English by Liturgical Press (September 1998), Spanish by Editorial Verbo Divino (1998), French by Les Editions du Cerf (May 1999), as well as Italian, Polish, Russian, Dutch and Arabic soon after. For this volume, in addition to editing manuscripts, I was the editor in charge of all technical issues (layout, backup, etc.); I also coordinated the articles for The Gospels, and wrote: "The Bible and Ecology" (with Dan Deffenbaugh), and "What is the Synoptic Problem?" (with John Kloppenborg).

Beyond the Q Impasse—Luke’s Use of Matthew. With L. Cope, W. Farmer, A. McNicol, D. Peabody, and P. Shuler. Trinity Press International (Philadelphia) 1997.

Documents for Gospel Study. Fortress Press (Minneapolis). 1996, second revised and enlarged edition; first edition, 1994.

Symposium on the Interrelations Among the Gospels, Led by Marie–Émile Boismard, William R. Farmer, and Frans Neirynck, edited by David L. Dungan. Published in the series Bibliotheca Ephemerides Theologicarum Lovaniensium #90, by Peeters, Louvain, Belgium, and Mercer University Press 1990.

Sourcebook of Texts for the Comparative Study of the Gospels. Literature of the Hellenistic and Roman Period Illustrating the Milieu and Character of the Gospels. With David R. Cartlidge. 4th ed. published by the Society of Biblical Literature (Scholars’ Press), 1974.

The Sayings of Jesus in the Churches of Paul. The Use of the Synoptic Tradition in the Regulation of Early Church Life. Fortress Press and Blackwell’s (Oxford), 1972.

Books in preparation:

A Student’s Guide to Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History (with a Teacher’s Manual). This will be a dual purpose publication intended for courses on early Church history and formation of the Christian Bible. Ten students from my "Origins of the New Testament" course have helped me with the content. Baker Book House has indicated a definite interest in the project. Approximately 50 and 100 pages. Target date for completion: September 1998.

What is the Synoptic Problem? In the series, "Guides to Biblical Study." Fortress Press (Minneapolis) has discussed with me a short guide to the main issues involved in understanding how the Gospels were originally written, and how they are related to each other. The series "Guides to Biblical Study" are used all over the country in seminary and graduate school courses in biblical studies. Approximately 100 pages. Target date for completion: summer 1999.

Compositional Analysis of the Gospel According to Mark. To be edited by David Peabody, with L. Cope, W. R. Farmer, P. Shuler, A. McNicol, and myself. Approximately 250 pages in length (including all new synoptic charts), it will be completed by August 1999. Publisher: Trinity Press International (publisher of our similar study on the Gospel of Luke). This monograph will be a verse-by-verse description of the authorial process followed by the original author of the Gospel of Mark, assuming that his major sources were the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. An early draft was published by the Society of Biblical Literature in 1990 and 1991.

Images of Jesus in Cultural Perspective. This project will result in several kinds of publication: a 300 page monograph (with color plates) on the cultural origins of six "classic" portrayals of Jesus Christ in western history; a series of video lectures in the Bill Moyers style that would include slides, music, animation, and lectures; an online course that students can access while taking the class for credit, and a CD-ROM that will contain course material in an interactive format. Completion date: four years.


"The Year of Living Dangerously: An East–West Dialectic," with Linda Ehrlich, The New Orleans Film Review 19:3/4 (1993) 118-124 .

"The Two Gospel Hypothesis," article on the original order of composition of the Gospels, published in the Anchor Bible Dictionary, vol. 5:671–679, New York: Doubleday 1992.

"Jesus and Violence," in Jesus, the Gospels and the Church. Essays in Honor of William R. Farmer. Edited by E. P. Sanders, Mercer University Press, 1987, 135 –162.

"Synopses of the Future," in Biblica 66 (1985) 457–492.

"A Griesbachian Perspective on the Argument from Order" in C. M. Tuckett, Synoptic Studies. The Ampleforth Conferences of 1982 and 1983. Journal for the Study of the New Testament Supplement Series #7 (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press 1984) 67–74.

"The Purpose and Provenance of the Gospel of Mark," in Colloquy on New Testament Studies, Bruce Corley, ed., Mercer Univ. Press 1983, pp. 133–156. Also printed in New Synoptic Studies, William R. Farmer, ed. Mercer Univ. Press, 1984, pp. 411–440.

"Theory of Synopsis Construction," in Biblica 61(1980) 305–329.

"Survey of Nineteenth Century ‘Lives of Jesus’," in Religious Studies Rev., Oct. 1978, 113–127.

"Albert Schweitzer’s Disillusionment with the Historical Reconstruction of the Life of Jesus," in Perkins Journal, vol. 29 (1976), 27–48.

"Reactionary Trends in the Gospel Producing Activity of the Early Church: Marcion, Tatian, Mark," in L’évangile du Marc (Bibliotheca Ephemeridum Theologicarum Lovaniensium #34), M. Sabbe ed. Louvain Univ. Press 1974, 179–202.

"Mark the Abridgment of Matthew and Luke," in Jesus and Man’s Hope, D. Miller, ed., Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Press, vol. I (1970) 51–79. Reprinted in A. Bellinzoni, ed., The Two Source Hypothesis: A Critical Appraisal. Mercer University Press, 1985.

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